Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

Over the last few years of me living in the USA again, I have managed to acquire quite a bit of stuff. I still have less stuff than most people I know who have lived in one place most of their lives, but for me, the amount of stuff I have collected is a cause for unhappiness. I personally believe that an abundance of “stuff” is an indicator of an unhappy life. There is a cycle involved:


Get bored/depressed – put too much value on material things – value quantity over quality – buy stuff – you don’t really want that stuff – now you have a butt load of stuff – now you feel limited options on how to change your life to be better because your stuff becomes a hindering factor, a thing that gains a democratic vote in your decision making.


“I want to travel… but I have all this stuff and it doesn’t make sense to leave all the stuff behind.”


“I want to move to a smaller, more efficient house… but what do I do with all my stuff?”


“I have been offered a job in a place I would really like to work and live… but now I have to deal with all this stuff and figure out what to do with it.”


“I want to live in another country, but now I have to deal with all this stuff!”



Stuff should never have a vote in how you live your life, in my opinion. Years ago, I would not have had this problem. Now, depression has made my collection of stuff a problem. I am moving back to Panama. So… I could freight ship my 3 bedroom house full of “stuff” to Panama and that would cost me somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000 (a loose but researched estimate) but the thing is… and here is the real butt clenching truth of it… I hate my stuff!


My stuff is mostly crap! I have a few nice things but the rest is just stuff! Poor quality, chosen for convenience instead of quality, and it’s just…. STUFF! So, I am selling my stuff, which is time consuming, a loss of money and a general pain to do. I am not taking junk from my old life into my new life. Hells to the no. I miss the days when I was zen and happy living out of a suitcase. I need that in my life again. I want to make my new way of doing things focused on simplicity and never, ever giving material things a vote in how I live my life.


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