This is all I am taking with me.

This is all I am taking with me.

My actual belongings. Yes, I am 36 and I dress like a 19 year old. I took less than this with me the first time. I lived out of a suitcase for four years and it was the best thing ever. I might also re-pack several board games that you cannot get in Panama easily (like Lords Of Waterdeep… geek stuff) to minimize the bulk and take them for plenty of nerdy game nights with friends. It’s amazing how many aspects of life can be digitized. Photo albums are no longer needed. Book collections can go on an e-reader. Maps, guidebooks, language software… all in a tiny instrument.

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5 thoughts on “This is all I am taking with me.

  1. Light is the way to go! A friend of mine scanned her kids textbooks and put them on her eReader so they didn’t have to lug the books around for a week. CutePDF creates images from any web page. And let’s hear it for the kindle app!


    • Kindle has been such a life changing thing for our household. We are tons-of-books people and we don’t have to go without our huge book collection. Of course there will always be more romance in the tactile sensation of an actual hard copy book, but it is a brilliant thing to have for those of us that can’t seem to stay in one place 🙂


  2. One suitcase!? I usually pack half a suitcase full of teaching stuff, but I generally pay overweight or extra baggage fees while moving my entire life to the other side of the world. Maybe one day I can pack like you!

    -Amanda at


    • We’ve gotten pretty practiced at going minimal. I grew up in a family that moved to a new city or country every year or two, so I’ve gotten good at paring it all down, and since I spend most of my life in sundresses and sandals, I don’t need a business wardrobe (I’m my own boss) +no kids + most hobbies are digital = a pretty small amount of stuff.


      • One day I will retire as a teacher and no longer need my business wardrobe and classroom supplies, for now I will continue teaching my way around the world. A life of sundresses and sandals+ being my own boss does sound lovely. I look forward to reading about your experience!

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