Is an E-Cedula Necessary?

Chapter 3: Loving Retirement in Panama and now, Colombia

An E-cedula is an official Panamanian ID card.  Every Panamanian has a cedula, expats can get an E-cedula.  It is used at banks, to get on a domestic airplane, to register a car, etc.  The number on the card is similar to our Social Security numbers used for identification.  For an expat to get one, it means that we plan on being a part of Panama.  It does not give us citizenship and we can’t vote here.  It does give you a higher status, showing that you are assimilating into Panamanian life.

I lived in S. Florida almost my whole life.  I was there when the first Cubans fled Castro’s Cuba and there when the other immigrant groups from the Caribbean and Central and South America arrived.  Many assimilated quickly.  I was always shocked and appalled that many did not.  They congregate in areas like Little Havana and make no move to learn the language, culture…

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