Remodel and redecorate

It has been a while since our home in Panama has been updated. So, we are planning a remodel and a redecorating project. We are just now in the beginning of research and planning phase and admittedly, it is overwhelming. I am not handy at all and neither is my husband. Yet, we are going to do most of this ourselves. I looked through the portfolio of several interior decorators in Panama City and everything looked like a Ukrainian disco. Seriously. Colored lights and ultra-modern bubble chairs. My taste is eclectic. I could go with almost anything, but not that. I have been looking at redecorating ideas online and it seems that interior design publications assume you either have a huge amount of space, that you want your home to look like Martha Stewart exploded in it or that you want to live in an all white containment room at an asylum. I saw a few that looked like the wedding scene in Beetlejuice. I would like a comfortable, cheerful (without being obnoxious) and affordable interior design. 

Panama City’s furnishing stores tend toward two extremes: ultra modern from the early 90’s, and country tropical style (in Panama this means a lot of wicker couches and tables made out of logs). You can get what I consider nice furniture at a couple of stores in the city but it is REALLY expensive. So much of the decor is going to rely on having a good eye and building some things myself. Like this idea:


The wooden panel behind the TV is really nice and I should be able to figure out how to do that without too much drama. I think. I hope. Any suggestions from people more handy than I would be loved and petted and called George. I also like this idea:


The tree mural is gorgeous- the coloring and the style. No idea how to do this though. I just like it.


Just some picture framing ideas- I like the idea of having a themed gallery on the wall in which the photos can easily be changed to suit any mood. Might need to do this 🙂

There is not a lot we can do with the living room- as it is fairly small and narrow. The focus is the sliding glass entry to the balcony which looks out over the city. Once we figure out what we are doing, I will document the process which will likely become a disaster in the “I Love Lucy” fashion, as most similar projects do with us. 

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