Panama’s Traditional Costumes

Panama's Traditional Costumes

I am lucky enough to have a home right on the parade route for various parades and events in Panama City. I live just a couple of blocks from ATLAPA Convention Center, so we not only get the fantastic fireworks displays right outside our window, but we also get to see spectacular Carnivale parades and cultural parades. One of the parades in the city happens in May and it is a gorgeous display of culturally themed floats, costumes and dancers. Indigenous groups take part in showing their heritage. It is brilliant color, music, dancing, food, and often spontaneous water-gun fights among the kids… and me. Here are some photos of traditional (and not so traditional) costumes from parades past.

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One thought on “Panama’s Traditional Costumes

  1. kbeezyisviral

    Wow, what a beautiful blessing. These pictures are great. I love the color patterns on their dresses.


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