Panama thrives and is among the happiest nations, according to Gallup poll

Gallup and Healthways produced the annual “State of Global Well-Being Index,” which this year analyzed 135 world countries in five elements, including financial stability, social relationships, community safety, physical well-being, and sense of purpose (i.e. contributing to society). The results might surprise you. Often, people think of happiness in terms of Polynesian islands and a lot of mai tai drinking in a hammock. But Panama came in number one by a landslide. Panama is growing, changing and moving with a rapid speed that is sometimes breathtaking. In a constantly changing country like this, it is easy to find a way to be part of that change directly, and with that, you feel like you are changing the world because in some little way, you are. According to the Gallup poll, 63% of people in Panama are thriving in at least three of those elements.

Here are the 10 happiest countries, with the percentage of people who are “thriving” in three or more of the elements of well-being:

  • Panama: 61 percent
  • Costa Rica: 44
  • Denmark: 40
  • Austria: 39
  • Brazil: 39
  • El Salvador: 37
  • Uruguay: 37
  • Sweden: 36
  • Canada: 34
  • Guatemala: 34

Gallup Poll at Business Insider with a map

A numbered chart

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Panama’s brand new Metro system – the first in Central America

The buzz around the metro system being built in Panama City has been on the lips of locals for a few years, but now it is almost finished and the reality of having reliable, reasonably priced and safe public transit is becoming a reality for Panamanians. The colorful but dangerous Diablo Rojo “Red Devil” buses of the past are fading out and Panama is modernizing fast. I have not seen the metro in person yet, as it was still in construction late last year when I last visited Panama, but this video shows a very European looking system. The system is reported to feature fifteen stations throughout Panama City and to San Miguelito. I have not been able to find a good map online or any info on what the cost of a ticket is or if monthly or yearly pass systems will be offered. I am still looking…

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