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Nerd Post: Maybe I am a gnome.

Nerd Post: Maybe I am a gnome.

I play Pathfinder RPG. For those who are confused, it is basically Dungeons & Dragons on steroids. You pick a race (human, elf, halfling, gnome, half elf, dwarf, etc.) and you pick a class (fighter, rogue, cleric, sorcerer, druid, etc.) and you create a character based on familiar aspects of those choice’s backgrounds.

I have never played a gnome, and while researching options for a new character for a game I will be playing soon in Panama (yep, already got a game lined up, booyah!) I read up on an aspect of the gnome’s life.

Stick with me here.

So gnomes are affected by something called “The Bleaching.” Basically, their health as well as their physical coloring is dependent on how adventurous their lives are. Those that have frequent new experiences and explore new things and new places maintain vibrant, healthy physicality. Those that don’t lose their spark and their health deteriorates, washing them out to be a haunting pale shell.

Apparently, I am a gnome. That oddly resonated with how I feel lately.

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